Mia's Heart (The Paradise Diaries, #2)

Mia's Heart (The Paradise Diaries, #2) - Courtney Cole I never felt, really felt that she made the right choice.The relationship with the cowboy dude lacked everything, from sparks, to emotions, to butterflies, to details ... I mean, the first kiss with Gavin left me breathless and filled with ghoose bumps. Not to mention the skinny-dip swimming part. It was exceptional.Also irrational and pathetic was to even imagine that more memories of a gorgeous, sexy guy would make him less loveable and perfect. It should have cemented the bond they had. Gavin should have seen her change, and loved her more for it. The big dude (I can't remember the name if you pinch me)just stood by and watched. Fondled his horse and acted cocky. Then he waited for her to struggle on. When she came to his room eventually, he f****d her. And that's love? And that's fairy tale love?Shit, things are screwed up.The book is definatelly re-readable, thou. I can imagine my own ending and still enjoy the book.