Stray - Rachel Vincent Well ... I'll definately never re-read it, unlike other books. It's not memorable. The male character (Marc) was flat like a carboard, boring and completely unlikeable. I disliked him from the moment he appeared and he never did anything to make me change my opinion. The rest on the male characters were more likeable and realistic. I loved Jace and was dissapointed when he didn't get the girl. He was sweet, he was understanding and he REALLY turned the heat from the moment he appeared. She was ... unremarkable, i guess. A jumbled mess. The author was either preparing us for a future mental disorder in ... (I already forgot her name), namely multiple personality. Or she wrote it reeeaaalllyyyy slowly and didn't bother to read what she'd already written before. So the end result was a spoiled, petty, irrational, delusional bitch with potential of becomming THE SPECIAL MOST ... (something or another). And the stupidest heroine I've ever read. The real hope that she might drop the mentally chalenged Marc (I mean, what real person goes so fast from one extreme to another? And what real book hero almost kills another, more likeable, character and gets away with it? Not to say anything about the gruesome and totally sick fact that he ENJOYED eating the bastard in the end.) for the childhood friend who made me catch my breath a few times ... ;)